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Test Preparation: A Necessary Step in Becoming a Law Enforcement Officer

header-logoTest Preparation in 2013. The path to becoming a full-time, sworn, law enforcement officer in the State of New Jersey can be a very difficult and trying task for even the most dedicated and qualified candidate. Performance on a single, competitive examination is a hurdle that stands too often in the way of most candidates achieving their career goals and aspirations. The New Jersey Civil Service Commission (NJCSC) actually contracts with a private vendor to develop the most valid and reliable selection instrument which the NJCSC refers to as the Law Enforcement Examination (LEE). While the NJCSC universally refers to the entry-level examination as the LEE, varying exams written by differing companies have been administered through the years under the heading of the NJCSC LEE. In 2013, it is the highly qualified team of psychometric experts at the EB Jacobs Company who ensure that the examination is extremely challenging for prospective law enforcement candidates.


The current examination, as developed by EB Jacobs, is a three-factor psychometric test designed to place the most suitable candidates at the top of the pool of eligibles for appointment, while simultaneously de-selecting those who are not considered suitable for law enforcement in New Jersey. The NJCSC “Rule of Three” requires that agencies hire from a span of the top three eligible candidates for each available position. This rule is very restrictive, as it requires that a candidate achieve an exceptional score to be in a position to be considered for appointment. An exceptional score is difficult to attain, as one-hundredth of a point commonly separates one candidate from the next on the hiring list. With the rule of three as restrictive as it is, a serious candidate must take every step possible to prepare him- or herself to outscore the competition. Although the stated goal of the test development company is to provide a high quality pool of candidates for appointing authorities, only the top few candidates are ultimately considered. Now that’s challenging!

That is why serious candidates know that formal exam preparation is a necessary and appropriate step in achieving the highest score possible and being in the top range to be considered for hiring. After the upcoming 2013 exam cycle, the next examination will not be administered for at least two years. Candidates are battling not only a very competitive examination, but also the very restrictive rule of three and a long time period between testing opportunities. All things considered, no candidate should sit for the examination without taking the most conscientious step of attending the best formal exam preparation course available. Those truly intent upon becoming a professional law enforcement officer in New Jersey, seek out Dr. Paprota to attend one of his seminars. Now, Dr. Paprota has formed Critical Concepts & Strategies (CCS) to provide the most comprehensive and professional entry-level law enforcement exam preparation seminars in New Jersey. His research into three-factor psychometric testing is well documented and provides insight and understanding other test-prep practitioners simply don’t possess. Unfortunately, most of the test preparation companies falter when faced with preparing candidates for a three-factor psychometric examination. They follow the basic bell-curve principle and recognize that some of their students may score high, some will score low, and a vast majority will score in the middle of the pack. Unfortunately, the middle of the pack is well out of the range to be considered for actual hiring. At CCS, Dr. Paprota’s mission is to lead each student down the path of success through true understanding and the ability to apply the critical concepts and strategies necessary to achieve the highest score on the NJCSC Law Enforcement Examination (LEE).

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