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Informational Videos by CCS Test Prep®

Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.) regularly prepares videos for posting on his YouTube channel. The videos are designed to inform candidates of the latest trends in entry-level law enforcement testing around the country. Each video is intended to focus on a different topic. Most notably, most of the videos are prepared to provide basic information on specific types of exams being administered around the country for entry-level law enforcement hiring. It is important to note, the differing jurisdictions actually contract with private, national test vendors for the use of their nationally validated exams. As a result, the exams being administered from one jurisdiction to the next often vary greatly. Candidates should always research exactly what exam is being administered (e.g., LEAB™, NCJOSI™, etc.). Once you know which exam you will be taking, watch the corresponding video!

If you don’t see a video below related to the exam you believe you will be taking, reach out to us by submitting this CONTACT FORM to ask any questions you may have.