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CCS Test Prep®
Military Discount Program

Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.) has implemented the CCS Test Prep® Military Discount Program which includes a potential discount of up to 50% off of the tuition for any CCS Test Prep® course offerings. Any person who has served active duty in a branch of the United States Armed Forces is encouraged to submit the request for consideration of Discount Status with CCS Test Prep®.

Any discount offered under this program is at the discretion of Chief David A. Paprota. This program is only available to the actual entry-level law enforcement candidates who is a qualifying current or former member of the United States Armed Forces and will be personally participating in the program. No candidate is guaranteed admission to a CCS Test Prep® program.

Any questions regarding this discount program can be forwarded to CCS Test Prep® utilizing the standard general CONTACT FORM (Click Here).

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