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The Selection of All Job Title Areas on the Law Enforcement Exam (LEE) Application

header-logoAnother common mistake in completing the Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) application through the New Jersey Civil Service Commission (NJCSC) is failing to include all job title options. Many candidates in the past have come to regret leaving out some of the Law Enforcement Series job titles at the time of completing the application. Some reported choosing not to include municipal police officer, while others reported choosing not to include county correction officer, etc. This is an irreversible error after the closing date of the LEE announcement (September 4, 2013).

The basic message here relates to never limiting your options. By including all job title areas within the Law Enforcement Series, the candidate holds the power to simply decline or ignore certification notices as they arrive in the mail following the exam. For the two years or more following the exam, candidates will receive certification cards in the mail (based on their respective score) for each job title he or she formally applied. There is no obligation to accept a position or even respond to an unwanted certification notice. It is at that time the candidate should choose whether or not he or she is interested in the position available. Note that I do not recommend simply ignoring certification notices. Upon receiving a certification notice after the exam, candidates should take the time and effort to respond to a certification notice and submit at least a one sentence letter indicating the candidate is not interested in the position at the time.

Never limit your options, as they truly are your options!

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