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New Jersey State Police (NJSP)
State Trooper Entry-Level Exam Preparation

CCS Test Prep®

Course Registration is NOT YET OPEN 

The New Jersey State Police (NJSP) officials are expected to run another application and testing process in 2021. The CCS Test Prep® program schedule will be posted once the application and testing timeframes are announced by the NJSP.

In the most recent process, the NJSP accepted applications for the 2020 testing cycle from Monday, February 3rd, 2020 through Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 and completed the PTQ (physical) in August into September after delays due to COVID-19. The physical assessment involved push-ups, sit-ups, and a distance run (see info and video below).

Candidates who passed the PTQ were able to pick a test date of Sunday, September 27th or Sunday, October 18, 2020. The NJSP testing is actually an exam battery using multiple test components. It is administered over a 5 to 6 hour period. The exam includes: an observation and report writing component, a video-based situational judgement component, a reading (fill-in) component, a multiple-choice writing test, a trait assessment component, and a bio-data component. Serious candidates candidates who are committed to preparing for the written exam should not wait to commit to their preparation. Now is the time to register for exam prep. 

Since the NJSP written exam series is a compilation of different testing components brought together to assess Trooper candidates, preparation is very important. There are no re-takes or do-overs. Candidates must score sufficiently on each part of the exam to move on in the process.

CCS Test Prep®

Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.)

CCS Test Prep® trains only the most serious and committed candidates using a very focused written exam preparation program. Only those candidates who register early and are committed to the process will be accepted by Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.) to complete the CCS Test Prep® Program. The next NJSP testing cycle will be announced to fill the 2022 academy classes and will be very competitive.

The REGISTRATION for the CCS Test Prep® Program

for the NJSP Exam is NOT YET OPEN.

New Jersey State Police (NJSP) - Trooper

CCS Test Prep® Written Exam Prep Program

Course Fee: $395.00

CCS Test Prep® preparation for the NJSP Written Exam.

Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.) works with students via the CCS Test Prep®


Students will train on the
CCS Test Prep® Online Learning Platform
up to the day and time of the actual exam.

This CCS Test Prep® program has proven to be very effective in helping dedicated candidates in achieving excellence and moving on in the selection process. The program is very focused and available to students 24/7 leading up to the student’s test date to ensure the best preparation possible. During the online training, each student will have the opportunity to complete quizzes that are instantly scored. Students will be able to quickly identify their personal strengths and weaknesses throughout their studies. Due to the focused nature of the program, the convenience of the 24/7 access, and all of the proven benefits of computer-based learning, students are able to achieve proficiency levels just not possible in basic instructor-led, in-class lectures. 

The CCS Test Prep® Program 
Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. utilizes the CCS Test Prep® Online Learning Platform to provide the best test preparation services possible.

The progression of the program is based on the individual student’s test date.

CCS Test Prep®

The NJSP entry-level testing process is as follows:

Step 1 – The Application. The process starts with each candidate completing a 40 question online application. The most recent application period was facilitated between Monday, February 3, 2020 through Sunday, February 23, 2020. A new application period is expected to be announced for 2021 to facilitate candidate processing for academy classed in 2022.

Step 2 – The Physical Exam. Prior to the written examination, each candidate must successfully complete a three-part physical assessment. The physical exam is limited to push ups, sit ups, and a 1.5 mile run. Each exercise is scored on a 1 through 7 point scale with the maximum score being a 21. Candidates must meet the minimum standard of at least a “1” for each of the three exercises and must have at least a minimum cumulative score of “15” to pass the physical assessment and move on to the written exam.

              Points Allocation for each Specific Exercise

Points                       Push Ups                       Sit Ups                        1.5 Mile Run
   0 (Fail)                   17 or less                 20 or less                  14:27 or more
   1 (Minimum)         18 – 19                      21 – 22                    14:26 – 14:18
                               20 – 21                     23 – 24                    14:17 – 14:09
   3                             22 – 23                     25 – 26                    14:08 – 14:00
   4                             24 – 26                     27 – 29                    13:59 – 13.51
   5                             27 – 32                     30 – 34                    13:50 – 13:00
   6                             33 – 46                     35 – 48                    12:59 – 11:32
   7                             47 or more               49 or more                11:31 or less

The following video is available online as produced by the New Jersey State Police to assist candidates in preparing for the physical exam.

Step 3 – The Written Examination. The NJSP written exam consists of a combination of components to form a valid and reliable testing battery to assess candidates.

The test battery includes the following components:

    • Observation and Report Writing;
    • Situational Judgment (Video Series);
    • Writing/Memory/Recall Test (Multiple-Choice);
    • Reading Test (Multiple-Choice Fill-ins);
    • Trait (Work Styles) Assessment; and
    • Bio-Data (Life Experience) Assessment.

Candidates must score sufficiently on each section of the test battery to be eligible for Step 4 of the process.

Step 4 – Group Selection. Wait to be selected as part of a group chosen to move on in the process.

The remainder of the process includes a very thorough Background Investigation followed by the Candidate Review Board (CRB) for a standardized interview. If selected, the candidate will then be subjected to a medical assessment as well as a psychological assessment.  

Any candidate interested in preparing for the next New Jersey State Police written exam cycle should complete the pre-registration form (above) to be added the the CCS Test Prep® email list.

It is important to note that the NJSP Trooper Exam is not administered by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission (NJCSC) and does not follow the NJCSC testing cycle.


Unless otherwise indicated, you will be added to the CCS Test Prep® email list to receive updates from Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.) regarding New Jersey entry-level testing. In addition to the New Jersey State Police Exam, dozens of other entry-level law enforcement exams are held throughout the year in New Jersey. The New Jersey Civil Service Commission is expected to announce the next statewide Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) in July of 2021/22. Likewise, nearly half of all municipal police agencies in the state are not under the civil service system and administer their own exams which are known in New Jersey as “Chief’s Exams.”

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