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Critical Concepts & Strategies (CCS Test Prep®) is the best and most advanced exam preparation company focused exclusively on preparing law enforcement candidates for their entry-level written examination. The company founder, Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.), has over 27 years experience in preparing entry-level law enforcement candidates for multi-factor examinations. Chief Paprota’s strategies and teaching methods provide each student with the greatest likelihood of achieving success on these critical and competitive examinations. CCS Test Prep® students greatly benefit from Chief Paprota’s advanced knowledge of multi-factor psychometric assessment. Exams differ greatly, so it is critical prepare properly for the specific exam being administered. CCS Test Prep® has both in-person and online training available for all of the most prominent exams used throughout the country. Please review the course options below and use the main menu above to navigate this site.

Learn about the NJ Alternate Route Program (Video).

Serious candidates are able to compete for training slots in the regular, full-time police academies in New Jersey. CCS Test Prep® has the most effective programs to prepare candidates for the differing types of competitive exams used for the police academy Alternate Route Programs in New Jersey.

Entry-Level Prep Programs

Current Programs and Information

Barnegat Twp (Ocean County, NJ) Police Department Exam

Written Exam Prep Program

Barnegat NJ PoliceCourse Fee: $395.00

EARLY Prep Course Registration OPEN! for the CCS Test Prep® Program for the upcoming Barnegat Township PD exam.

Bergen County (NJ) Police Academy "Alternate Route Program" Exam

Written Exam Prep Program

CCS Test Prep® - BergenCourse Fee: $395.00

EARLY Prep Course Registration will OPEN January 1, 2022 for the CCS Test Prep® Program for the upcoming Bergen County ARP exam.

Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Exam

Written Exam Prep Program

Course Fee: $395.00

EARLY Course Registration is NOW OPEN for the CCS Test Prep® Program for the upcoming PSP entry-level exam.

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Important Links and Information

Upcoming Tests (Full Listing)

Upcoming Tests (Full Listing)

CCS Test Prep® maintains a list of current open-competitive, entry-level law enforcement tests which is updated daily. Candidates always have the ability know what departments or academies are testing..

Military Discount Program

Military Discount Program

Dr. David A. Paprota, Ed.D., (Chief of Police, Ret.) has implemented the CCS Test Prep® Military Discount Program which includes a potential discount for qualifying present or former members of the United States Armed Forces.

Contact US

Contact Us

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