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Monmouth County Entry-Level Chief’s Exam Application Period is OPEN! – CCS Test Prep®


Law Enforcement Examination – The officials of the Monmouth County Police Chiefs Association have opened the application period for the May of 2024 entry-level law enforcement examination cycle for Monmouth County. This is the non-civil service testing process for those participating departments (listed below) not under the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. The exam is also utilized for the Monmouth County Alternate Route Program. The application deadline is Monday, May 6, 2024.

“Chief’s Exam” Preparation

The CCS Test Prep® program for the Monmouth County exam is scheduled with Open-Registration available for those who intend to prepare to achieve excellence on the very competitive exam!

The course schedule and design is as follows:

The Program: Beginning April 29, 2024, each student will receive an email with a log in link to begin working through a very comprehensive online program that has produced EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS beyond that of traditional in-class lectures. Each aspect of the classroom testing and the online program involve instant student scoring reports and feedback to ensure maximum understanding and progress!


The course fee for this comprehensive program is $395



For additional information or questions you may have regarding the exam preparation services provided by Critical Concepts and Strategies (CCS Test Prep®) for the Monmouth County, NJ, entry-level police examination, please utilize the CONTACT FORM below to submit an inquiry.

Interested applicants can formally apply for this exam by going to the following link: Monmouth County Entry-Level Law Enforcement Exam.

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