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Current Police Testing Opportunities – CCS Test Prep® – January 30, 2019

Current Testing Opportunities - CCS Test Prep®

Police Test Announcement and Available Prep! There are a lot of currently announced and quickly approaching police testing opportunities and many more coming throughout the Spring of 2019.

Candidates often search for the best way to prepare for the police test. Since many of the police tests used are so drastically different and require different approaches to score high, it is important for serious candidates to use formal test prep study courses and programs. With all of the different testing opportunities that are currently available and those that will be available in the near future, it is recommended to contact Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.) of CCS Test Prep® and inquire as to what prep services are available for the exam you will be taking.

The following police exams are already announced and approaching quickly:

  • Livingston PD (Essex County) – Test Date: February 21, 2019  (CCS Test Prep® course available)
  • East Hanover Twp PD (Morris County) – Test Date: March 5, 2019  (CCS Test Prep® course available)
  • Hamilton Twp PD (Atlantic County) – Test Date: March 9, 2019  (CCS Test Prep® course available)
  • Bergen County Police Academy Alternate Route Exam – Test Date: March 11, 2019  (CCS Test Prep® course available)
  • Union County Police Academy Alternate Route Exam – Test Date: March 18, 2019  (CCS Test Prep® course available)
  • Camden County Police Academy Alternate Route Exam – Test Date: April 20, 2019  (CCS Test Prep® course currently available)
  • Monmouth County Police Exam and Alternate Route Exam – Test Dates: May 20-22, 2019  (CCS Test Prep® course available)
  • Suffolk County (NY) County-wide Police Officer Exam – Test Date: June 15, 2019 (CCS Test Prep® course available)
  • Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Exam – Test Date: Varied thru Summer 2019 (CCS Test Prep® course available)

Most of the application periods are still open. Interested candidates should regularly monitor the CCS Test Prep® “Upcoming Tests” page to remain aware of application and testing opportunities as they become available. The page is updated daily. Likewise, all of the direct links to the various application processes and specific testing announcements are accessible through the CCS Test Prep® Upcoming Tests page.

Some of the anticipated upcoming exams (not yet available) include but are not limited to:

  • NJ LEE (Civil Service) – Application period expected to start July 1, 2019
  • Essex County Police Academy Alternate Route Program – Applications start soon and test date early June 
  • Morris County Police Academy Alternate Route Program – Applications late Spring and Test Date in August
  • Many more yet to be announced . . .

CCS Test Prep® has been training candidates to achieve excellence on the written exam and progress in the selection processes with very high test scores. Many who come to CCS Test Prep® do so after repeated unsuccessful attempts at the various types of “Chiefs Exams” and realize that, just like every other profession that requires testing, it is essential to actually put effort into preparing for the exam to be competitive. In law enforcement, it is not about “passing the exam,” as that is not good enough. Entry-level police testing is extremely competitive and every one-hundredth of a point makes a huge difference in ranking on a list. So, whether it’s the IOS NJCOSI v1 (90 min) Exam; the IOS NCJOSI v2 (2.5 hr) Exam; the EB Jacobs LEAB Exam Series; an IPMA – Public Safety Compass Exam, or a McCann Associates Exam; candidates who want to be competitive should seriously consider contacting Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.) at [email protected] for information on available exam preparation services. 

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