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When will the next New Jersey Civil Service Law Enforcement Exam (LEE) be held? – CCS Test Prep®

The next New Jersey Law Enforcement Exam (LEE) should be offered as soon as this upcoming year. The New Jersey Civil Service Commission currently has the EB Jacobs company under contract to administer the Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB™) as the New Jersey Civil Service Commission Law Enforcement Exam (LEE) during the calendar Year 2018. Assuming they stay on schedule, the upcoming exam announcement should open the application period July 1, 2018. Serious candidates should join the CCS Test Prep® email list by clicking HERE to access the contact template.

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The CCS Test Prep® program is designed to prepare candidates to achieve excellence on the LEE and will be scheduled once the exam is announced by the state.

Likewise, serious candidates who desire to become a police officer in New Jersey should be registering for and taking the non-civil service “chief’s tests” offered around the state. Candidates have a valuable resource in being able to monitor the CCS Test Prep® “Upcoming Tests” page. There will be over 50 tests administered in New Jersey in 2018 outside the civil service system.  CCS Test Prep® helps serious candidates beat their competition and earn slots in the Alternate Route (Police Academy) Program as well as the very competitive non-civil service police officer positions around the state.

There is no reason to find yourself on the outside and out-of-reach from achieving your career goals and aspirations when you have the ability to properly prepare and put yourself at the top of the hiring lists with the help of Dr. Paprota at CCS Test Prep®. 


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