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Special Free “Booster” Study Sessions Scheduled for CCS Test Prep Students – Dr. David A. Paprota, Ed.D.

faviconFree “Booster” Study Sessions: As an extra bonus to the CCS Test Prep students who are preparing for their upcoming entry-level law enforcement examination, I have scheduled 20 separate 3-hour special study sessions for those students who have completed the CCS two-day or three-evening paid program.

Having successfully completed more than 12 separate course offerings since August, I am now transitioning to dedicating my time to the free booster sessions to ensure my students achieve maximum success. These booster sessions are not part of the paid program, as they are an extra bonus I am providing for my students. Returning students will have the opportunity to sit for a 300 item Trait Assessment and a 125 item Biodata assessment which will be Scantron scored. The assessment will be scored through my proprietary software with an individualized scoring report being generated for each student (as was done in the full class). Each student will understand his or her specific weaknesses and strengths.

The three remaining full course sessions (Course Schedule) are the only available “for fee” seminars remaining for this exam cycle; no additional two-day or three-evening paid courses will be added this testing cycle. Anyone interested in taking one of the remaining full courses must register at www.ccstest.com as soon as possible as the start of each remaining course is approaching quickly.

CCS students who have completed the full, paid program can register for one of the free “booster” study sessions by going to the Student Center of the CCS Test Prep website and complete the registration process. Only CCS students are eligible for the free sessions; absolutely no exceptions will be made. – Dr. David A. Paprota, Ed.D.

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