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Pennsylvania State Police Cadet (Trooper) Entry-Level Exam Application Period Open!

Pennsylvania State Police Cadet

Entry-Level (Trooper) Exam Prep

CCS Test Prep® PSPThe Pennsylvania State Police entry-level selection process is open. Interested candidates can submit an online application through June of 2019, via the state police website at PSP Application for the 2019 exam cycle. This is a very competitive and fair testing process open to non-residents as well. Those who apply will begin by taking a scored, computer-based, written exam. Those who score high enough on the written exam progress to a standardized, structured, scored interview panel. A composite score is then developed by combining the written and oral scores. Of the thousands of candidates who will test, only approximately 400 will move on in the process, based on overall ranking, to the background investigation, etc. Each PSP cycle is VERY competitive but has proven to be a very fair competition (no random selection or lottery process involved).

The written exam is a computer-based version of the Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB) which includes a 2 hour and 30 minute time limit for a combined 158 questions. The Pennsylvania State Police entry-level written assessment is actually developed by a private vendor contracted by the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission (SCSC). The PSI/EB Jacobs company, as contracted by the State of Pennsylvania, has produced the Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB). The LEAB is a 3-part assessment consisting of a 48 question Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT), 66 statement Work Styles Questionnaire (WSQ), and a 44 question Life Experience Survey (LES). Candidates must achieve a high composite score on the examination to proceed to the Oral Examination.

CCS Test Prep® has the best and most focused test prep program for the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) entry-level “Cadet” (Trooper) exam. 

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Pennsylvania State Police Cadet Exam

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To ask questions about the upcoming exam, contact Dr. David A. Paprota (Chief of Police, Ret.) by completing the CONTACT FORM (Click Here).  Dr. Paprota will personally respond to your inquiry within 72 hours. 


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