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Cherry Hill (NJ) Police Department Police Officer Exam

Cherry Hill PD CCS Test PrepThe officials at the Cherry Hill Police Department have opened the application period for candidates to sit for the upcoming written, entry-level police officer examination. The initial online (short-form) application is available through a link posted on www.PoliceApp.com with a closing date for applications set as Friday, May 1, 2020. After applying, qualifying candidates will be provided an exam date of either Saturday, May 30, 2002 or Sunday, May 31, 2020. The Township of Cherry Hill contracts a private vendor, Stanard and Associates, Inc, to administer the Police Officer Selection Test (POST). This is a very challenging written abilities (cognitive) exam.

Serious candidates should prepare for peak performance on this exam. CCS Test Prep® offers the best training to help candidates enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform well on the POST exam. The registration for the CCS Test Prep® program will open in April/May of 2020.

Those who score high enough on the written exam will be invited by the Cherry Hill Police Department to participate in the Physical Assessment during the month of July. Candidates can review the physical exercises and the proper form expected with each exercise by reviewing the video found via the following link: Physical Assessment Information (CLICK HERE)

More information regarding the exam prep services offered by CCS Test Prep® for the Cherry Hill Police Department written exam can be found at: CCS Test Prep® (Click Here)

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