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2023 Suffolk County Police Exam Application Period NOW OPEN! – CCS Test Prep®

Suffolk County, New York

Entry-Level Police Examination Preparation


The Suffolk County Civil Service Commission has begun the application period for candidates to complete the process of applying to sit for the 2023 Suffolk County Police Exam. Due to issues with the Suffolk County websites, candidates have been directed by the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service to email [email protected] to request an application which will be mailed out to interested candidates.


The www.suffolkcountyny.gov website has the following posting:


The Suffolk County Civil Service application period closes on April 19, 2023 and the actual Police Officer Exam is scheduled to be administered on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

Early pre-registration is now available for the CCS Test Prep® Program for the 2023 Suffolk County Police Officer Exam. CCS Test Prep® offers the best exam prep for the 2023 Suffolk County Police Exam. 

The CCS Test Prep® prep is a very effective online program that focuses on each aspect of the competitive exam. During the course, each student will have 24/7 access and the opportunity to complete realistically scored assessments that identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Paprota has developed special software which properly weights and scores students’ responses to each quiz question and section. The program consistently provides immediate feedback, so students can work to their fullest potential and reach 100% proficiency before test day.

This program and approach is very effective, as serious students can truly refine their skills and excel on the test. Passing is not good enough; it is critical to score extremely high in this very competitive process.

The very popular and successful 2-day, in-person seminar has been enhanced and developed into a full online prep program that has produced exceptional student outcomes. Now, with the online program being available 24/7 to students during the month leading up to the actual exam, each student has the ability to confidently work to 100% proficiency in each tested area before test day. This approach is far better for the student than the previously offered in-person, 2-day lecture.

Early pre-registration to reserve a slot in the prep program is available and recommended.

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