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New “Upcoming Tests!” Page Added to CCS Test Prep® Website – October 8, 2017

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New "Upcoming Tests!" Page Added to the CCS Test Prep® Website - For a new candidate, one of the most frustrating aspects of law enforcement testing is not knowing when jurisdictions announce an application period and testing cycle. There is currently no one method, source, or location for such announcements. While some agencies use the exceptional services provided by companies like PoliceApp.com or organizations like the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP), most agencies announce a short application period with very little fanfare or publicity. Many "ideal candidates" are unaware of the brief application periods offered until it is too late and the deadline for applications has passed. For this reason, Dr. David A. Paprota (Chief of Police, Ret.) has dedicated a page on the CCS Test Prep® website exclusively for maintaining a list of some notable departments and academies that are currently accepting applications for "open competitive" law enforcement testing. [...]

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