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Complete the form below for info on preparation for the Norfolk, Virginia Police Officer Recruit Entry-Level Examination. The exam application period ends on March 2, 2018!

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Norfolk, Virginia Police Officer Recruit

Entry-Level Written Examination Preparation


For information regarding the exam preparation services provided by Critical Concepts and Strategies (CCS Test Prep®) for the Norfolk Police Officer Recruit Entry-Level Examination, please utilize the form below to submit an inquiry. The Norfolk, Virginia Police Officer Recruit Entry-Level written assessment is actually developed by a private vendor contracted by the City of Norfolk. The EB Jacobs company, as contracted by the City of Norfolk, has produced the Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB™). The LEAB™ is a 3-part assessment. This version of the LEAB™ consists of 3 distinct parts which include the following: Part 1 – Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT); Part 2 – Work Styles Questionnaire (WSQ) consisting of a series of trait assessment statements; and Part 3 – Life Experience Survey (LES) consisting of a specifically designed series of bio-data questions. Candidates must achieve a satisfactory composite score on the examination to be included in the remainder of the hiring process.

Dr. David A. Paprota, Ed.D (Chief of Police, Ret.) will respond to your inquiry within 72 hours.

The LEAB™ is a very challenging and lengthy exam. An exceptional score is necessary to proceed in the very competitive hiring process. Serious candidates prepare to achieve excellence.

The City of Norfolk is currently accepting applications with an application deadline set for March 2, 2018. This is an open competitive process for United States citizens. The application process for the Norfolk, Virginia can be found at Norfolk, Virginia Police Officer Recruit Application.  Furthermore, you can CLICK HERE to review the information sheet produced by the Norfolk Police Department regarding the hiring process and requirements.




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Dr. David A. Paprota, Ed.D.

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As the premier entry-level law enforcement exam preparation company, Critical Concepts & Strategies (CCS Test Prep®) was founded by Dr. David A. Paprota to provide law enforcement candidates with the most effective exam preparation training possible. Dr. Paprota served as a chief of police with over 27 years of law enforcement experience and formally retired from law enforcement in 2016. Dr. Paprota has over 25 years of formal experience training candidates for the sophisticated, multi-factor psychometric examinations used for entry-level law enforcement. His formal research and education at Seton Hall University specifically focused on multi-factor psychometric testing which is the form of testing utilized in entry-level law enforcement. Dr. Paprota’s formal educational credentials, experience in exam preparation, and success in training law enforcement candidates are unmatched in the exam preparation industry.

As the Executive Director of CCS Test Prep®, Dr. Paprota ensures that only the most effective educational techniques and materials are utilized in the entry-level law enforcement examination program. Only the most respected and credentialed instructors are permitted to teach a CCS Test Prep® course. Dr. Paprota has personally trained over 17,000 law enforcement candidates and incumbents in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York over the past 25 years.

CCS Test Prep®utilizes the most contemporary and sophisticated technology to enhance the learning experience of each student. In-class exams are formally scored utilizing sophisticated Scantron scoring equipment and a proprietary software-based scoring system developed by Dr. Paprota. This allows for the production of an individualized scoring report for each student. CCS Test Prep® students receive an individualized scoring report for both a Preliminary Diagnostic Examination administered at the beginning of the program as well as for the formal, Final Examination administered at the conclusion of the program. As a result, each student is keenly aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses to better guide the student’s studies as he or she prepares for the actual examination. This important aspect of the course further enhances the learning experience provided through the well-developed in-class instruction, PowerPoint presentations, very focused course materials, and take-home practice examinations.

Dr. David A. Paprota, Ed.D.

Biographical Information

Dr. David A. Paprota began his law enforcement career in 1989 working as a special officer with the Beach Haven Police Department in New Jersey. He attended the Ocean County Police Academy, Class #54, in 1990 where he graduated #1 overall in his class. He joined the Tinton Falls Police Department in 1991 after finishing #1 on both the written and the physical open-competitive examinations. He transferred to the Lacey Township Police Department in 1992.

Dr. Paprota was promoted to Sergeant in 1998 after achieving the highest exam score in the State of New Jersey. He was then promoted to Lieutenant in 2001 after again achieving the highest exam score in the State of New Jersey. Likewise, after achieving the highest exam score in the State of New Jersey, he was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2005. Dr. Paprota was ultimately promoted to the rank of Chief of Police in March of 2013.

Chief Paprota earned a Doctoral Degree, Ed.D., from Seton Hall University in 2012; a post-graduate Educational Specialist Degree, Ed.S., from Seton Hall University in 2008; a Master of Arts Degree, M.A., in Supervision and Administration from Seton Hall University in 1999; and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice in 1996. Dr. Paprota is a graduate of the West Point Command and Leadership Program; he is a Certified Public Manager (CPM) through Fairleigh Dickinson University; and a member of Mensa as well as the National Honor Society. He is a published author and has produced a number of police training manuals.

Dr. Paprota has distinguished himself in the world of testing throughout the years by not only achieving the highest examination scores within his department on his promotional examinations, but he further distinguished himself in achieving the highest examination scores throughout the State of New Jersey for each of his promotional examinations. Furthermore, Dr. Paprota has conducted focused job-task-analyses as well as authored and administered promotional examination processes for multiple, non-civil service, municipal police departments. Assessment of law enforcement personnel through written and oral testing has been a passion of Dr. Paprota’s for over 25 years.

In 2000 through 2012, Dr. Paprota served as the vice-president and co-owner of the largest and most successful law enforcement training company in the State of New Jersey. With over 25 years of training experience and after training over 17,000 candidates, Dr. Paprota is now focusing exclusively on entry-level law enforcement training with the formation of Critical Concepts & Strategies (CCS Test Prep®). In 2016, Dr. Paprota formally retired from law enforcement to focus on the continuing research and development necessary to maintain the top entry-level preparation program possible. Candidates who do their research will find that CCS Test Prep® is by far the best entry-level law enforcement training program.

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