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2018 New Jersey Entry-Level Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) Preparation – All available courses for the most recent 2016 cycle have been completed. 16 separate course offerings and 20 separate special “booster” study sessions were completed between August 21st and November 10th, 2016. The next New Jersey Civil Service Commission Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) testing cycle is not expected until mid to late 2018. Please complete and submit the below contact form to be added to the CCS mailing list and then please take the time to explore this CCS website.

Dr. David A. Paprota (Chief of Police – Retired) of CCS Test Prep offers the most comprehensive and effective exam preparation for the LEE. The dedicated members of the staff at CCS look forward to helping you reach your career goals and aspirations!

Dr. David A. Paprota will personally reply with the latest update available regarding the upcoming LEE.

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