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You have been referred to CCS Test Prep® by J. Harris Academy of Police Training for the best NJ Civil Service Entry-Level Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) preparation available.

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New Jersey Entry-Level Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) Preparation – The New Jersey Civil Service Commission 2022 Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) cycle has begun with the NJCSC opening up the online application period. The application period is set as being from 1/3/22 with a closing date of 2/28/22. The NJ LEE will be administered statewide later this Spring.

CCS Test Prep® has opened the EARLY registration for the online prep program for the 2022 NJ LEE.

The written exam is being administered for all of the NJ LEE titles as well as the NJDOC Correctional Police Officer title and the NJ Parole Officer Recruit title during Spring of 2022. CCS Test Prep® provides the most effective and focused exam preparation services leading students right up to their actual test date. Go to www.ccstest.com/LEE/ for more information. 

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Dr. David A. Paprota (Chief of Police – Retired) of CCS Test Prep® offers the most comprehensive and effective exam preparation for the LEE. The dedicated members of the staff at CCS look forward to helping you reach your career goals and aspirations!

Dr. David A. Paprota will personally reply with the latest update available regarding the upcoming LEE.

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