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FREE Informational Seminars – “Understanding Entry-Level Police Testing” – CCS Test Prep® 2019-01-16T04:03:41-05:00

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Seating is very LIMITED, so register ASAP!

FREE Informational Seminar – Dr. David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Chief of Police, Ret.) is conducting FREE informational seminars for candidates interested in learning more about the type of exams used for entry-level law enforcement hiring in New Jersey.

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  • Camden/Gloucester/Burlington County Area – On Sunday, March 18, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. sharp! at Camden County Police Academy (Auditorium) located at 420 Woodbury Turnersville Rd, Blackwood, NJ; the session will run from 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon.

Each participant will receive valuable information and a complimentary booklet of sample questions to gain an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the entry-level police hiring or the highly competitive “Alternate Route Program” processes in New Jersey. There will be 12 Alternate Route Program competitive processes in 2018 for training slots in each police academy. Furthermore, candidates will have as many as 40 other opportunities to test for individual departments and some countywide hiring pools throughout the year.

In addition to training candidates for police officer positions throughout the country, Dr. Paprota has been conducting guest lectures at various colleges and universities. He has experienced first-hand that the majority of candidates who aspire to become police officers are completely unfamiliar with the varying types of competitive written tests used for both hiring and for the “Alternate Route Programs.” Furthermore, almost universally, candidates express a deep desire to become law enforcement officers, yet seem unaware of what it takes to actually get on the job. Dr. Paprota (Chief of Police – Ret.) will address the most relevant testing and hiring issues from both the perspective of a psychometric testing specialist and through his years of experience as a Chief of Police. A special focus will be placed on the “Chief’s Exam” process and the specific types of exams used for non-civil service testing. These sessions are purposely timed and located considering that the Bergen County Police Academy, Passaic County Police Academy, Union County Police Academy, and Monmouth County Police Academy will be holding their competitive testing processes for the “Alternate Route Program” in the coming months. 

Seating is very limited and the sessions will definitely fill up, so do not delay completing the below form to register for the session.