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2017 I/O Solutions (IOS) “Chief’s Exam” known as the NCJOSI v1 & v2 – For information on exam preparation for an upcoming entry-level exam, please complete and submit the below contact form.

Dr. David A. Paprota (Chief of Police – Ret.) of CCS Test Prep offers the most comprehensive and effective exam preparation for the NCJOSI by I/O Solutions. This is the most common exam used for “chief’s testing” and “alternate route programs.” The NCJOSI is the most critically scored exam used for entry-level law enforcement. Candidates greatly benefit from excellent exam preparation. If you are going to be sitting for a different exam than the IOS NCJOSI, please specify which exam (e.g., EB Jacobs LEAB) and for what jurisdiction in the “message” field below. The dedicated members of the staff at CCS look forward to helping you reach your career goals and aspirations!

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