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Pittsburgh Police Department

Entry-Level Police Officer Exam


The City of Pittsburgh Police Department in Pennsylvania now conducts entry-level police officer testing each month on a continuous basis throughout the year. Candidates can now apply online and then sit for the test a month later. It is the written exam that determines a candidate’s rank on the list moving forward in the hiring process. It is important for serious candidates to properly prepare for the exam. Just like an attorney preparing for the bar exam or any other professional preparing for their professional licensing exams, candidates are expected to professional and properly study for the qualifying examination. CCS Test Prep® provides the most on-point and credentialed exam preparations services available. Contact us to join the CCS Test Prep® for information regarding preparation for the next Pittsburgh Police Department testing cycle.

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What is the LEAB-II™?

The CCS Test Prep® offers the best way to prepare for the Pittsburgh Police Department Police Officer Exam. The prep program is a very focused training course during which Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.) works with students using an online platform for the two weeks leading up to the actual exam. Along with videos and instructional lessons, students have the ability to complete online practice quizzes which are instantly scored and include answer guides to ensure maximum retention and understanding. This focused approach has proven to be far superior to in-class lectures and has produced exceptional results. Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D. (Ret.) consults directly with students prior to the specific exam date to ensure that students understand the key points and the proper approach to the exam to score high and move on in the hiring process. For this reason, the number of students accepted for the CCS Test Prep® Program for the Pittsburgh Police Department Exam is limited.

The Pittsburgh (PA) Police Department utilizes PSI-EB Jacobs as the vendor to write and administer the entry-level police officer exam. The specific exam utilized is the Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB™) which is a multi-factor psychometric test that has proven to be the most comprehensive, valid, and reliable entry-level law enforcement exam available nationally. This is the exact type of exam series that served as the basis of much of Chief Paprota’s doctoral research.

Chief Paprota has trained candidates all around the country for this specific exam, including but not limited to the following: Pittsburgh Police Department, New York State Police; Norfolk, Virginia; Pennsylvania State Police; Delaware State Police; Wilmington (DE) Police Department, and the Massachusetts State Police and state-wide testing pool. In each instance, CCS Test Prep® students absolutely dominated by achieving top 1% scores with all candidates moving on to the first round of the respective hiring processes. Chief Paprota relentlessly researches entry-level law enforcement testing around the country to ensure his students have the latest and most accurate information at all times.

The dedicated staff at Critical Concepts & Strategies is committed to utilizing the most advanced research and techniques to provide each and every student with the benefits of Dr. Paprota’s more than 27 years of exam preparation experience.


For information regarding the exam preparation services provided by Critical Concepts and Strategies (CCS Test Prep®) for the Pittsburgh (PA) Police Department examination, please utilize the CONTACT FORM below to submit an inquiry. 

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