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NJOfficer.com Forum for Law Enforcement Discussions and Information Sharing – December 8, 2017

The NJOfficer.com Forum is now up and available for both active law enforcement officers as well as candidates who are working to achieve a law enforcement career. The forum is a great place to ask questions, share ideas, and post relevant information to further law enforcement as a whole. The forum was created by active police officers who will be maintaining the forum as a positive outlet and valuable resource for users. This forum is dedicated to New Jersey law enforcement and will fill the void that has been created by other longstanding forums that recently shut down. I strongly encourage my past and present students to participate in this particular forum by registering as a user at www.NJOfficer.com.

I will be contributing to the forum when possible myself and will be encouraging other law enforcement officials and experienced trainers to do so as well to make it the best it can be as a resource for both law enforcement candidates as well as active officers. It will serve as a great resource to learn of job opportunities, training opportunities, as well as the experiences others have had in areas such as hiring processes, academy training, and experiences in the field on the job to name a few.

I took the time to really look into this particular forum before making the decision to endorse it. I feel confident that it is a forum created by NJ law enforcement officers for NJ law enforcement officers (both present and future).

Click NJOfficer Forum and register as a user now and help it grow into the best law enforcement forum possible!

Dr. David A. Paprota, Ed.D.
Chief of Police (Ret.)


Disclaimer: Dr. David A. Paprota and CCS Test Prep® do not own, control, or maintain the NJOfficer.com in any manner. Any questions regarding the NJOfficer Forum should be directed to the forum administrator via the site.  

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